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  • Male & Female Sharks

    How do you inform the distinction between a female and male shark? Click on right here to seek out out about bodily and behavioural variations, in addition to shark courtship…

  • Tonic Immobility

    Tonic immobility is a reflex that causes a short lived state of inactivity in an animal. Much like hypnosis. It happens in quite a lot of totally different species, together with many sharks and rays…

  • Shark Reproduction

    Sharks make investments a variety of power into producing just a few, well-developed younger. There are 3 important strategies of copy: oviparity (egg-laying), ovoviviparity and vivparity (reside beginning).

  • Shark Anatomy

    Sharks have a spread of variations that make them completely suited to their surroundings. It is no marvel they’ve gained a status for being a number of the most spectacular and formidable predators on the planet!

  • Shark Senses

    Many shark species have brains as advanced as mammals, which allows them to course of a variety of senses. Sharks have the identical 5 senses as we do plus a pair extra…

  • Shark Taxonomy

    Taxonomy is a discipline of science that includes classifying and naming species. It is integral to wildlife conservation, offering the bedrock for our understanding of sharks.

  • Shark Evolution

    Most scientists imagine that sharks got here into existence round 400 million years in the past. That is 200 million years earlier than the dinosaurs! Discover out extra concerning the historical past of sharks…

  • Adopt a Great White Shark

    Undertake a Nice White Shark right this moment and you will be supporting important Nice White Shark analysis within the USA.

  • Shark Shop

    Take a look at our vary of shark impressed presents. From shark adoptions and present memberships, to clothes and accessories… There’s one thing for everybody.

  • Great Eggcase Hunt

    Need to assist shark and ray conservation? Participate within the Shark Belief Nice Eggcase Hunt. Discover and file eggcases which have washed up on the seaside. Eggcase looking is nice enjoyable for all ages!

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