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Single crowns fabricated from Preattau 3 Dispersive zirconia

A case utilizing zirconia with a triple gradient of color, translucency and flexural energy, for extremely aesthetic outcomes.

The current case was made for a 55-year-old affected person with impaired pure dentition. The affected person requested the alternative of lacking tooth and a long-term, purposeful and aesthetic restoration.

For a very particular person outcome, the remedy was carried out primarily based on the 3D digital replica of the affected person, in keeping with Zirkonzahn’s workflow.

Affected person earlier than photograph
Affected person after photograph


  • Digital acquisition of the affected person’s oral state of affairs and extra-oral anatomy utilizing the PlaneFinder and the Face Hunter 3D facial scanner. The PlaneFinder is a part of the PlaneSystem, an progressive affected person information acquisition technique invented by MDT Udo Plaster in collaboration with Zirkonzahn to offer an alternative choice to facebows. This working strategy permits the dentist to amass the person place of the maxilla and occlusal aircraft by way of the acquisition of the affected person’s Pure Head Place (NHP) and to switch the info into the digital world 1:1 with no lack of info. Digital articulation within the Zirkonzahn.Scan software program, primarily based on the data acquired by way of the PlaneFinder
The Face Hunter 3D facial scanner
  • Design of a mock-up for the higher and decrease jaws within the Zirkonzahn.Modifier software program and subsequent milling utilizing Multistratum Versatile, a high-performance resin perfect for long-term provisionals and prototypes, already supplied with pure color gradient. The 2 mock-ups have been produced for purposeful and aesthetic controls within the affected person’s mouth and to present the affected person a primary impression of the longer term aesthetics, growing additional his motivation for the remedy
Single crowns fabricated from Prettau 3 Dispersive zirconia, with anodised titanium bases for a greater aesthetic
Single crowns fabricated from Prettau 3 Dispersive zirconia, with anodised titanium bases for a greater aesthetic
  • Design and manufacture of temporaries fabricated from Multistratum Versatile
  • Planning of implant positions primarily based on the mock-ups and printing of the surgical information for implant placement. After therapeutic time, manufacturing of an implant provisional for conditioning the gingiva
  • Design of the ultimate crowns within the Zirkonzahn.Modellier design software program. The crowns have been then milled within the M2 Teleskoper milling unit, geared up with extra-large Teleskoper Orbit Ø 125 mm. As a restorative materials, Prettau 3 Dispersive zirconia was chosen. This zirconia is good for monolithic or barely diminished restorations due to the Gradual-Triplex-Know-how idea, consisting in a triple gradient of color, translucency and flexural energy. The ultimate restoration exhibits a very translucent incisal edge, a better flexural energy in the direction of the tooth neck and a pure color gradient from dentine to enamel, for a really pure and aesthetic outcome
  • For an much more particular person characterisation, utility of ICE Stains 3D by Enrico Steger and minimal veneering with Fresco Ceramics
Fresco Ceramics, ceramic pastes for veneering gingival and vestibular tooth areas, for monolithic in addition to barely diminished zirconia buildings
Prettau 3 Dispersive zirconia, with a triple gradient of pure color, translucency and flexural energy
  • Gold-coloured anodising of the titanium bases utilizing the Titanium spectral-colouring Anodizer
  • Insertion of the zirconia restorations within the affected person’s mouth by the dentist and fabrication of a protecting splint fabricated from Therapon Transpa resin.

Case made by Dr med dent Daniela Zeller and MDT Alexander Bassermann (Bern, Switzerland).

For extra info: www.zirkonzahn.com

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Why Would You Need A Dental Crown And What Are The Benefits Of Dental Crowns

Not many people sport a bright, sparkling and beautiful smile. This can be due to many reasons, as there may be discolored, decayed, crooked, chipped or missing teeth. This is when the dental crowns come handy and can aesthetically improve your smile.

Dental Crowns: How it works?

Dental crowns or tooth caps are used when there is a large cavity in a tooth which cannot be filled completely, and a crown is placed to protect the teeth. Sometimes the teeth may get broken or discolored or disfigured, or there may be a missing tooth causing spacing between the teeth. Tooth caps are placed to bridge the gap between the teeth and minimize the spacing. These caps are fabricated using a wide variety of materials which are biologically inactive but strong enough to be qualified as teeth. All of the dental crowns are custom-made to suit the unique requirement of patients.

Gold, ceramic and porcelain crowns

Porcelain crowns are mostly used to restore the disfigured, damaged and discolored teeth. Crowns are made of different types of material such as resin, ceramic, chitin, and metals like copper and gold. Based on the requirement, the material used to fabricate tooth caps varies accordingly. For example, in order to restore a damaged or disfigured front teeth, crowns with porcelain or ceramic are used, as they are transparent and blend well with the adjoining teeth. Molar teeth which are decayed or disfigured may be restored successfully if the crown is made of metals, alloys or even gold. Gold caps are the best as they are strong and can withstand the wear and tear of long-term usage.

Benefits of dental crowns

The advantages of dental crowns are numerous. They prevent further damage to the decayed tooth, chipped teeth and also provide strength and support to the adjacent teeth. In addition to that, tooth caps also help in proper alignment of uneven teeth. The greatest advantage of these crowns is that they can be fixed across different age groups – child, young adult, middle-aged and older persons. Personal grooming and personality development, prosthetics in dentistry and cosmetic dentistry are gaining so much importance today. A beautiful and confident smile can add a lot to your personality and can take a long way in your personal, professional and social life. A dental crown is the brainchild of cosmetic dentistry, which has made people’s lives healthier and happier in the digital age.

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