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EMOFORM Dental-sticks Mint – Dental Information



Interdental areas account for nearly about 1/3 of the entire tooth floor. That’s why giving the interdental areas the correct consideration in your on a regular basis oral care routine is vital for a good oral hygiene, together with caries prevention and gum care.⁠

Due to this fact, Wild Pharma gives you underneath our EMOFORM and TEBODONT-F manufacturers a variety of high-quality interdental cleansing instruments: Flosses, brushes, dental sticks, and toothpicks in all kinds of sizes … with and with out fluoride… with and with out tea tree oil… with and with out mint taste… Made out of birchwood or out of plastic, the dental sticks manufactured from birch wooden, with mint aroma removes meals residues and massages the gum line – every thing with the intention to allow you to have these instruments accessible which might be most suited to your private interdental cleansing wants.⁠


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